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Moshan Billups

"A couple years ago I felt called to the Kairos School of Ministry to give nine months of my life to the Lord. I knew that a season of consecration was the best thing I could do to strengthen my relationship with the Lord. As I walked on this journey I learned the importance and urgency of being a young disciple. During the nine months there are opportunities to learn tools to bring the call of God into your everyday life. As I reflect back on my season there, I have to say I am nothing but thankful for my time there."

Anthony Salerno

"Growing up as a Pastor's Kid, I had people always telling me I was called to full-time ministry and to be a pastor myself. I spent many of my teen years wrestling with those words. It wasn't until I took a season to pursue God through the School of Ministry that I really began to find joy and confidence in my calling as a worship leader, preacher, and Youth Pastor."

Jael Szumigala

"Coming to the School of Ministry redirected my life in ways I had never imagined. I have grown in the Lord in my time here more than any other place. KSOM provided many opportunities for me to grow in my spiritual gifts and helped me to realize what God had truly called me to do with my life. I learned to trust and open up to my leaders which allowed me to let God in and not only work in me but through me."

Ben Drapal

"It is hard, to sum up all that the internship did for me. Overall I believe in these two important things. Whatever the cost was, I left more mature and closer to God. Did the Ministry School change my life? Absolutely. I can say this, after the end of the year, you will grow to the level you allow God in."  

Catherine Vargas

"The School of Ministry is a place where I encountered the Lord like never before and it transformed me completely. This season challenged me in every way in life: spiritually, emotionally, relationally, physically but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I learned to be hungry for the Lord and He met me with His all-consuming love. Never take the time you have there for granted because it’s a time where you can truly meet with God and get clarity on the call for your life."

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