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Here at KSOM we have two types of students. Students enrolled "Full-Time" who live on or off campus and students who are a part of the classroom environment.  

Full-Time Students

Full-Time KSOM students participate in all aspects and environments of the school. Unlike Class Pass Students who receive only from the classes, full-time students receive training beyond the classroom in all 5 of our school environments.  

Student Info Packet
Student Finance Packet

Class Pass Students

The Class Pass is a unique option for those who cannot make a full-time commitment to KSOM involvement. Class Pass KSOM students participate in the classroom environment on either a Monday or Thursday. If there's a specific speaker or classroom that you'd like to sit in on, you have the opportunity to learn and grow while working a full-time job and/or other life commitments. 


We offer two options to Class Pass Students:


Single Day Class Passes and Multi-Day Class Passes. The Multi-Day pass allows students to get 6 different classes for the cost of 4 Classes. These 6 different classes can be used at anytime throughout our 2017 - 2018 School Year.

KSOM Single Day Class Pass = $10

KSOM Multi-Day Class Pass = $45 (Receive 2 Bonus Classes)


For more information on Class Passes and our scheduled speakers,                     to view our KSOM class schedule.


Class Pass Students
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