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With a 40 year legacy, the Kairos School of Ministry and the Eagles' Wings Internship Program are providing a high-level ministry education at affordable costs.

Our Historic Foundation -

Buffalo School of the Bible

Buffalo School of the Bible was founded by Bishop Tommy Reid in 1977 to fill the need for thousands of new Charismatic Christians who were getting saved but had little or no knowledge of the Bible. It began with one class that was attended by almost two hundred students. As it grew the curriculum was written and produced in house with “The School of the Prophets” focus, and it became a premier local Church centered Bible School.


What developed was several “Church Centered Bible Schools of the Prophets” all over the country using this curriculum. In the 80’s the school acquired the “William Hein Biblically Library” consisting of about 35,000 volumes. This acquisition along with the high caliber of teachers, aided the school in its accreditation with the Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship. In the late 90's the school was given to Elim Bible Institute.


The most important legacy of Buffalo School of the Bible is the thousands of students who were able to complete the one and two year programs because it was local, affordable, and provided a competitive high level of education. Many of the graduates of Buffalo School of the Bible are still in ministry today serving the Lord all over the world.


Today, the Kairos School of Ministry carries this long legacy and continues discipling the next generation of leaders by providing a high-level ministry education, at affordable costs.

Letter from the President

Letter from the Chancellor

In the mid 1990’s the Lord spoke to me about discipling the next generation in the spirit of Elijah’s "School of the Prophets". Little did I know that God would begin sending young adults to our ministry from all over the world to participate in a ministry internship at Eagles’ Wings. A community of traveling ministers who did life together was born. We began worshipping together and growing together meeting in homes and then traveling to some of the largest churches in the East Coast bringing the presence we carried with us from those house meetings.


Now, after 20 years since that original word the Kairos School of Ministry is being launched out of what started in that discipleship internship program. In the KSOM you will join a community of like minded young adults who prioritize worshipping God and being in His presence.  


You will find within this school of ministry community an environment primed for you to grow in the message, gifts, and platform that God has called you to.  


The moment is now. This is your Kairos opportunity. Join us at KSOM and see what God does with your life.




Robert Stearns

Founder and Director of Eagles’ Wings

President of the Kairos School of Ministry

Today, Kairos School of Ministry joins the traditions of the Buffalo School of the Bible and Elim Bible Institute and joins them with the phenomenal ministry of Bishop Robert Stearns and his world wide influence. Kairos is truly equipped to disciple men and women into leadership in the body of Christ and to make them truly world changers. The only schools that truly make people into men and women who will change the world are those schools that are led by true apostolic leaders who have changed the world. Thousands were educated at Oral Roberts University because of the apostolic leader who had called them together under his apostolic mantle.


Kairos is a truly great school because of the amazing leadership of a true apostolic leader in the person of its President, Bishop Robert Stearns. It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I highly recommend to you the Kairos School of Ministry. If you are looking for an education that will change your life and make you into a true disciple of Jesus, you do not need to look further, you have found your place. 


The establishment of Kairos is perhaps the most important event in the church during this decade. The church was established by Jesus not only to lead people to Christ, but specifically to disciple those who came to Him. Jesus did not call people to an altar to pray a prayer but Jesus built his church by saying to twelve men, "Follow Me, and I will MAKE you”. That is discipleship at its very best. Jesus discipled men to change them and make them into world changers. Kairos School of Ministry is not a new school. Kairos School of Ministry is the successor to Buffalo School of the Bible and Elim Bible Institute and follows in the tradition of those very successful schools. In succeeding them, it is linked to the great traditions of over 100 years of great education provided by those institutions.


Come and be prepared to become a world changer,


Tommy Reid

Bishop Emeritus 

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