How much does it cost?

The base cost for the school as a full-time student is $6400 per year. We also offer per semester pricing based at $3600. This cost includes housing, a food allowance within the house grocery budget, ministry travel on 3-4 ministry trips, and most of the training materials needed for school. Some seminary books, personal healthcare products, and extra personal food needs are not included within that tuition cost. After you apply we will send you a financial packet that explains payment plan options, potential scholarship options, and fundraising ideas. 


Is there an age requirement for the School of Ministry?

Generally, you must be at least 17 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent. There is no age limit to the program, but because of the full-time nature, it tends to draw young adults in the 18-30 year range.


Where is the school based?

The Kairos School Of Ministry is based at the Eagles' Wings headquarters and Tabernacle Church Campus, located outside of Buffalo, NY. Buffalo is a beautiful region with a vibrant young adult renaissance emerging.


Do students get to minister in Tabernacle Church and Eagles' Wings ministry contexts?

Yes, ministry experience is an essential part of each student's growth and leadership development throughout the program. Over the course of each year in the school, there are many opportunities for students to minister at The Tabernacle and on the Eagles' Wings team.


Are there times of traveling ministry during the School?

Yes, part of the school experience includes traveling and ministering on the road with the Eagles’ Wings team. Locations and times will be decided by our leadership team, and often include regional conferences and other itinerant ministry events. Students can expect to be on at least 3-4 local and regional ministry travel assignments.


Can students who own a car bring it with them to School?

Students are encouraged to have cars for the class year. If you own a car and would like to bring it to School, please be sure to bring this up during the application process, so we can discuss any logistical details that we have regarding your specific situation.


Are there any prerequisites for application to the Kairos School of Ministry?

The primary prerequisites for application are that you have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) and that you are at least 17 years old.


Can people from other countries participate in the School of Ministry?

Absolutely! We have welcomed students from countries all around the world, including citizens of Bolivia, Germany, Israel, Ireland, Kosova, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Scotland, Holland, Czech Republic, and more. All are welcome to apply, though there may be additional paperwork necessary for international students.


How long is the School of Ministry program?

The Kairos School of Ministry class year starts at the end of August and ends in the middle of May. We also offer options to attend on a per semester basis (Fall and Spring).


How do I apply for Kairos School of Ministry?

Visit our application page and the get started page to find out more about the application process. Follow the instructions on that page to begin your application today.


Where do I live as a student?

• Students are housed at our Discipleship Houses (Separate housing for men and women).
• Discipleship Houses are with-in a short drive of the Eagles' Wings offices and about a 30 min drive to The Tabernacle.