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We put YOU in the best environments to grow!

The School’s impact comes from the 5 main environments that Ministry learning happens in. Your Classroom, Your Missional Department Assignment, Ministry Outreach, Community, and the House of Prayer, provides the environment for significant growth to happen in your prophetic leadership. In each environment, you will learn in different ways and be cultivated and transformed into an effective ministry leader.


We have a rich and diverse curriculum that each students goes through during his or her KSOM year. These classes, books, and assignments aid in reinforcing the biblical truths students are learning on a daily basis. We also value the power of mentoring and coaching. Through class instructors, mentors, and lead instructors we take great care to coach and mentor students - not just lecture.

At the heart of the School is the House of Prayer. You will be fueled for your Classes, Outreach, Community, and Missional assignments through your time in the House of Prayer.
  • Job Skills
  • Admin Skills
  • Team Work
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Communication
  • Bible Classes
  • Prophetic Classes
  • Life Transformation Classes
  • World View
  • Coaching
  • Friendships
  • Discipleship House
  • Iron sharpening Iron
  • Mentoring
  • Food and Fellowship
  • Prayer
  • Preaching
  • Worship Leading
  • Impact
  • Ministry Gifts


Located in the World Prayer Center and at the center of Kairos School of Ministry (KSOM) is the House of Prayer. In the Spirit of the Tabernacle of David, the house of prayer is one of the core values of the KSOM and a significant place of training for future leaders in the Body of Christ. This environment fuels KSOM students to flourish and grow in the Classroom, Missional Department Assignment, Ministry Outreach, and the Community.


We have a rich and diverse curriculum that each student goes through during his or her school year. These classes, books, and assignments aid in setting a biblical foundation for your life and ministry. Along with our deep lecture team, students will learn from national and international leaders in the Christian, Jewish, and Professional community.


A key portion of the internship is experiential learning. We consider this one of the most valuable parts of learning. This is where you apply what you are learning in the House of Prayer and in your classes. All students are assigned to a ministry department with a clear job description. This assignment not only provides opportunities to learn and grow in real world job skills, but will also give opportunities to advance God’s Kingdom with your life.   


Being a part of a Christian community and living with other students in Discipleship Houses, provides continual opportunities to minister to one another and grow in relationships. Also found within our community are leaders who are willing and ready to provide coaching and mentoring in your life to see you be all God has called you to be.  


Outreach and Ministry are about seeing other people served and impacted by your ministry. You will serve on a ministry team with either Eagles’ Wings or The Tabernacle. Serving on a Conference team, weekend ministry trip, prayer meeting, and service projects all provide a well rounded ministry experience for you to grow in your ministry calling and gifts.

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